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And Now A Word From J. Cole: J.Cole Offers A Solution For Colin Kaepernick

"Bare with me I'm just a rapper, but look."


Young Thug Sends Kevin Hart A Message Of Solidarity On Twitter

Many people are voicing their opinion on the recent Kevin Hart cheating-and-extortion scandal. While jokes have been made at Hart's expense,…


Chloe x Halle Perform Acoustic Version Of Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow”

The talented twosome "couldn't get the song out of their heads."


Senator Ted Cruz Might Have “Liked” Explicit Video On Twitter

If you need any comedy for your morning, this is it.

Music News

DREAMers: How Your Favorite Artists Are Responding To The DACA Repeal

“We cannot be silent. DREAMers can’t be deported. It’s time to raise your voice. This is their home.”…

Music News

Could We Be Getting New Music From Michael Jackson?

Cryptic tweets from the late-icon's page have us scratching our heads.


In Defense Of The Lady Gaga’s Of The World, Why Clap Back At An Ally?

If a potential ally wants to learn and wants to learn from you, what would you have that ally do?


Kim Kardashian Roasted On Twitter For Defending Makeup Artist’s Racist Comments

"If someone claims that they've changed, I'd love to give them the benefit of the doubt."
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