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V Books: Tee Grizzley Gives Lecture On His Favorite Books, ‘Dictator’s Handbook’ & ‘Trust No Bi**h’

Tee Grizzley talks to VIBE about the literature that helped him post-prison.


V Books: 5 Books On Slavery That Kanye West Needs To Read

Emabarking on an incessant self-didactic journey. That's education.


V Books: Patrisse Khan-Cullors ‘When They Call You A Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter Memoir’ Is Full Of Love And Compassion

When They Call You A Terrorist is full of love and, and at times, very troubling.


V Books: 360 Degrees of Literature And Mathematics With RZA

It only takes a lesson a day to analyzie life.


V Books: Rapsody’s ‘Laila’s Wisdom’ And 7 Books That Explore Black Religion

Inspired by Rapsody's latest offering, VIBE complied a list of some important and very informative books on the history of the black church.
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