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Social Media Week: The World According To @KasmoHuxtable

If you go on @KasmoHuxtable’s Instagram page, you won’t find many selfies, photos of last night’s dinner, or snapshots of his sneakers. What you will…


Social Media Week: #SideChick Talk With @Jouelzy

Side chicks are a regular topic of discussion on social networks, just search the hashtag on Instagram or Twitter for proof. In an…


Social Media Week: These Instagram & Vine Stars Don’t Want It With ‘LUCY’

Scarlett Johansson is not to be played with in her upcoming movie LUCY, and these social media funny people want no parts. After…


VIBE Presents: Social Media Week 2014

Social networks have taken over the world. Literally. In the age of the instantaneous, networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Vine serve as an…


Social Media Week: The Do’s & Don’ts With Kid Fury & Crissle

Much like a quote that was recently used to describe their beloved Beyonce and her husband Jay Z, Kid Fury and Crissle are…


Social Media Week: @KingBach Shares The Rules Of C.P. Time

CP TIME There’s an art to being never on schedule but always on time. The funniest man on Vine—and a regular on Nick Cannon's Wild…


Social Media Week: Sneaker Talk With @JerryPurpdrank

@JerryPurpdrank's secret to his five million Vine followers is simple: find the funny in everything. While the 20-year-old Boston native pokes fun at all walks…


Social Media Week: KC Clark Talks Being @versatilenstyle

KC Clark is just like most 20-year-olds, plus or minus nearly a half-million followers. The Detroit native has garnered his own Instagram legion as @versatilenstyle,…