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Boy From Viral First Day Of School Video Says He’ll Still Miss His Mom In New Interview

Andrew Macias became an internet sensation after his interview with KTLA went viral two years ago.


This Viral Video Of A Baby Brushing Her Mother’s Hair Is Truly All You Need In Life

Baby girl's face when her mom said they were going to Sea World >>>


This Viral Video Of A Jamaican Boy Exercising Is The Fitness Inspiration We All Need

You'll just spit out the glazed doughnut you were eating after watching this video.


So… ‘Boob Twerking’ Is A Thing…

We’re not sure which part of the above video is more disturbing: the muscle isolation necessary, or that the breast-defying feat is being treated as…


Golden Corral Dumpster Video Is Absolutely Disgusting

This Golden Corral dumpster video will make you think twice about ever eating at a restaurant again.


Dog Buries Puppy: Viral Video “Dog Buries Puppy” Will Make You Cry

"Dog buries puppy" is almost too sad to fathom, but the video has gone viral in a big way.


Harlem Shake Fire Video Results In Garage Explosion (VIDEO)

A few young thugs decided it would be an explosive idea to latch onto the Harlem Shake viral video phenom. Yes, it’s not over. They…


Parenting Win: Dad & Son Make “Harlem Shake” Video

Parenting can be fun as hell if you allow it to be. Just ask Matt McClard, a YouTuber who took the infamous Harlem…


Baauer Makes Harlem Shake The Globe

When VIBE added Baauer to our "30 DJs to Watch in 2013" list, we weren't lyin'! Overnight, the youngblood producer-DJ has created a…


Baby-Snatching Eagle Video Exposed As Fake

Remember that video of the eagle snatching the baby that's been making waves around the Internet lately? Guess what: it's fake! According to The Daily…


WATCH: Justin Bieber’s dancers get down in the airport!

So apparently, Justin Bieber's dance team got stranded at the airport in Atlanta. Instead of doing what normal passengers would do - complain, grumble, buy…


Funny Or Ratchet? 7-Year-Old Boy’s “Booty Pop” Video is Viral Hit

Get ready to either laugh or gasp. Meet Albert Roundtree Jr. , the 7-year-old behind the infamous viral video "Booty-Pop."