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Woman Dies After Man Punches Her For Calling Him The N-Word, Receives Prison Sentence

Robert Coleman will most likely serve 10 years behind bars after being charged with murder.


Virginia Mother Faces Criminal Charges For Attempting To Protect Her Daughter From Bullies

A Virginia mother could be facing prison time for putting a tape recorder in her daughter's book bag.


Quan Returns With Long-Awaited Sophomore Album ‘Point Of No Return’

Don Ferquan's second LP Point Of No Return comes eight years after his debut album.


Charlottesville Terrorist James Alex Fields Jr. Denied Bond At First Court Hearing

The 20-year-old Ohio resident was arriagned for second-degree murder.


Gunman In Baseball Practice Shooting Reportedly Asked If Players Were Republicans Or Democrats

Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) claims a man approached him right before the shooting with the odd inquiry.


High School Pranksters Hang Black Doll Depicting Black Principal From A Noose

"The imagery is deeply offensive and everyone in our school community should be appalled," said Principal Malik Bazzell.


Couple Has Sextuplets After Trying To Conceive For 17 Years

Woah baby (baby baby baby baby baby)!


Fake Florida Teen Doctor Faces Prison Time For Fraud Charges

"Dr. Malachi Love Robinson" is in hot water yet gain. This time it isn't for his medical aspirations.

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Pharrell’s Life Story Inspired A ‘Romeo & Juliet’ Style Musical

i am other has their hands in another huge Hollywood production.


Virginia Teacher Reportedly Made Black Students Play Slaves In Class Skit

A history lesson on the Louisiana Purchase took an ugly turn.


Virginia Waitress Says Customers Didn’t Leave A Tip Because Of Her Race

Apparently, a white Virginia couple think only caucasian servers deserve a tip...sigh.


20 Best Rhymes From Clipse’ ‘Hell Hath No Fury’ Album

In honor of the duo's sophomore album turning 10 years old.


Coko Of SWV Claims Her Son Was Victim Of A Racist Verbal Attack At School

The singer took to Instagram to share a troubling image that was also left on her son's school bus.