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Rihanna Once Disapproved Christian Cowan’s Gold Gloves Worn By Cardi B

Rihanna once called Cardi B's gold watch encrusted gloves "the most ghetto sh*t I've ever seen in my life."


Watch Beyonce’s ‘Vogue’ Cover Shoot Footage Feat. Blue Ivy And The Twins

Queen Bey is seen in luscious pastures as she poses for the camera or cuddling her twins Rumi and Sir as Blue Ivy plays along.


Rihanna Is The Face Of ‘British Vogue’ September Issue

Rihanna is heading into the quarter four with yet another lead on her competition


Oakland Museum’s ‘RESPECT: Hip-Hop Style & Wisdom’ Exhibit Offers A Step Into America’s Most Coveted Culture

"[People will] recognize from the show how hip-hop is a part of their lives and how they’re better for it."


Timeless Beauty Chaka Khan Shares Makeup Tips With ‘Vogue’

She's her own favorite makeup artist.


Frank Ocean Shot Met Gala Photos For Vogue Magazine

Who shot ya? Frank shot ya.


Trans Afro-Boricua Vogue Dancer On Signature Hair Flip That Inspired Beyoncé: “I Was Cheated”

The "Wonder Woman of Vogue" opens up about her influence on the music industry's biggest stars.


The Panda Of Wall Street: Desiigner & Model Andreea Diaconu Hit Downtown Manhattan Together

Desiigner upgrades from broads in Atlanta to models in Manhattan.


Rihanna Announces New Collaboration With Manolo Blahnik

That Rihanna reign WILL NOT let up.
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