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Voletta Wallace To Kendall And Kylie: ‘This Is Disgusting And Exploitation At Its Worst!’

"I have no idea why they feel they can exploit the deaths of 2pac and my son, Christopher!"

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Notorious B.I.G.’s Mother Will Produce Upcoming Documentary About The Late Rapper

The late rapper's estate has reportedly authorized a new documentary.


Biggie Smalls’ Mom Voletta Wallace Talks Lil Kim Beef

Lil Kim has never shied away from expressing her love for Biggie Smalls. Unfortunately, that love wasn't inherited by the late rapper's mom…


Biggie’s Mother Voletta Wallace Talks Beef With Lil’ Kim In Previously Unreleased Footage

Footage was released today (Jun. 14) of an exclusive interview with Voletta Wallace by Vlad TV. In the nearly two-minute clip, recorded in 2005, Wallace…


14 Favorite Fictional Television and Film Moms

It's not Mothers Day, but why shouldn't we appreciate the nurturers and rocks of the family? Movie and television moms are the key…


The Platinum League Trading Cards Experience

Platinum League Trading Cards Presents: Snoop Dogg…


Crush On You: A History of Lil Kim’s Most Notorious Beefs

Wanna bumble with the Bee, huh?! Get in line. Since making her debut on Junior M.A.F.I.A.'s 1995 debut, Conspiracy, Lil Kim has maintained her massive…


Crush On You: Lil Kim’s Most Notorious Beefs (Pg. 6)

Opponent: Nicki Minaj Cause: After watching Nicki's dramatic rise to fame, Kim felt like Young Money's leading lady wasn't giving her the props she deserves.


Crush On You: Lil Kim’s Most Notorious Beefs (pg. 5)

Opponent: Voletta Wallace Cause: Like Kim's beef with Naturi, this beef also stemmed from Kim's dislike for Notorious. She included Biggie's mom in her rants against…


Crush On You: Lil Kim’s Most Notorious Beefs (Pg. 4)

Opponent: Naturi from 3LW Cause: Kim didn't like the Biggie biopic, Notorious, or the fact that Naturi was selected to play her in the film.


Crush On You: Lil Kim’s Most Notorious Beefs (Pg. 3)

Opponent: Lil' Cease Cause: Just two weeks after receiving a year-long prison sentence in 2005, Kim filed a lawsuit against Cease, who testified against her…


Crush On You: Lil Kim’s Most Notorious Beefs (Pg. 2)

Opponent: Foxy Brown Cause: After years of tension between the two female MCs, Kim took a shot Fox Boogie on "Play Around," a track from…


How Is Gravy Commemorating Notorious B.I.G. Today?

Like many folks, you may have woken up this morning (March 9) to a bunch of Notorious B.I.G. lyrics in your Twitter timeline or heard…