Club Owners Want Drake And Chris Brown To Pay Tony Parker?

It has been almost one year since Drake and Chris Brown’s notorious New York City brawl, and fingers are still being pointed. One victim of…


Drake Denied Entry to Club Because Chris Brown Was Inside

Playhouse, a popular Hollywood club, denied Drake entry Wednesday night, because Chris Brown was already inside.


Chris Brown and Drake Reportedly Suing Each Other Over Nightclub Brawl

It may be the holiday of love, but Drake and Chris Brown are not participating in the festivities.


W.I.P. Nightclub To Reopen Today

Partygoers can rejoice now that New York City nightclub W.I.P., the venue known for the bottle-bopping throwdown between Drake and Chris Brown, will reopen today…


Women Sue W.i.P. For Their Injuries In Chris Brown/Drake Fight

In the latest development of the infamous Chris Brown/Drake W.i.P. nightclub brawl, two women who were injured that night have decided to bring 'suits against…


Tony Parker Sues W.i.P. for Injuries From Chris Brown/Drake Brawl

Tony Parker, NBA star of the San Antonio Spurs, was one of many celebrities at the downtown NYC club W.i.P. last Thursday (June 14), and…