Waffle House


Pharrell Praises Waffle House Hero James Shaw Jr During Rolling Loud Performance

The N.E.R.D. rapper personally thanked the 29-year-old for his bravery during his Rolling Loud set.


North Carolina Officer Recorded Choking, Slamming Black Man Outside Waffle House

Anthony Wall, 22, was arrested when police were called to the restaurant following an argument with employees.


Waffle House Hero James Shaw Jr Raises Nearly $200K For Victims

"I'm using this platform not only for the families that lost people and the other wounded victims, but also for future incidents, education young men…


James Shaw Jr., Waffle House Hero, Raises Over $100,000 For Victims’ Families

The Waffle House where the incident occurred is donating proceeds from the next month to the families of the four who were killed and the…


Alabama Waffle House Defends Officers Who Violently Arrested Black Woman And Exposed Her Breasts

The company said “police intervention was appropriate” in response to viral video of customer Chikesia Clemons being manhandled.


A Go Fund Me Account Was Launched For Waffle House Hero James Shaw Jr

At the time of this post donations have reached $56, 676.


Remembering The Victims Of The Waffle House Shooting

The victims, all of color, were under 30-years-old.


Waffle House Hero James Shaw Jr Recounts Moments Before Ambushing Shooter

"I figured if I was going to die, he was going to have to work for it."


Police Arrest Waffle House Shooting Suspect Without Killing Him

Police are looking for a half-naked man, Travis Reinking, who is believed to be the man responsible for the killings.


South Carolina Man Makes Himself Food At A Waffle House While An Employee Slept

"[I] guess old Waffle House just gonna have to take the L on that one."


Thomas Forkner & Joe Rogers, Waffle House Co-Founders, Die A Month Apart

The life long friends found the southern staple nearly four decades ago in Norcross, Georgia.


Waffle House Waitress Protects Restaurant By Pulling Out Gun On Suspected Robbers

For patrons of this Waffle House, their experience was rather unpleasant.