War On Drugs

Music News

Future And Juice Wrld Surprise Fans With Joint Album ‘War On Drugs’

The 16-track project features special appearances by Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Young Thug, and more.

Movies & TV

Interview: The Lucas Brothers Talk The War On Drugs & Why The Rock Would Be The Perfect President

The potential black futurists shelve out plenty of truths in their Netflix special, On Drugs and give VIBE the perfect reason why Dwanye Johnson can rule…


Plot Twist: Marijuana Is Being Smuggled From The U.S. To Mexico

Cannabis attorney Matthew Shapiro states that "there is no such thing as high-quality Mexican weed."


T.I. On The Prison System: “It’s Incentivized Incarceration”

A new Vevo video shows the southern rapper at his most political.


Two More Seasons Of ‘Narcos’ Ordered: “It’s Bigger Than Pablo Escobar”

'Narcos' producers have made it clear that the Netflix hit series is really about something much bigger than Pablo Escobar.


John Legend Lends Voice For Prison Reform, Urges To End The War On Drugs

John Legend acknowledges that we are all just ordinary people, but the way we penalize non-violent crimes isn’t quite so. The singer/songwriter penned a piece…


The War On Drugs: A Middle Class Debate

A new chapter of change in the United States began four years ago when Barack Obama was instituted as Head-of-State. This year, his re-election proves…


Breaking The Taboo: A Documentary On The War On Drugs (Video)

Most of us have a decent understanding about the distribution of illegal drugs, but how well do we actually know what's going on? For a…