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John Wall Heads Back To School At University Of Kentucky

John Wall made a promise to his father, and he's keeping it. 


Kevin Durant Explains Why He Didn’t Sign With The Washington Wizards

"That was a part of my life that has come and gone," said Durant as the Warriors visit his hometown Washington Wizards Tuesday (Feb. 28).


Wale And Paul Pierce Clown Drake After Wizards Sweep Raptors In NBA Playoffs

Wale got his trolling revenge on Drake after the Raptors fall to the Wizards in the NBA Playoffs.


Drake Is Severely Booed By Washington Wizards Fans, Takes It Like A Champ

Being the global ambassador for the away team ain’t easy.


Group Chat: Wale And The Washington Wizards

The Washington Wizards have slowly become the team everyone (without a team in the NBA Playoffs) is rooting for. Led by the backcourt of Bradley…


10 Hottest NBA Rookies of The 2013-2014 Season

Most vixens love basketball because unlike football, we can actually see what the players look like. Sure it's not the only reason, but…


Wale Confronts NBA Commentators After On-Air Diss [Video]

In the most recent episode of hip-hop vs. the NBA, Wale found himself as the star of this drama filled flick. The D.C. native was…


Washington Wizards’ Gilbert Arenas Handed Season Suspension For Gun Possession

Gilbert Arenas’ days as one of the NBA’s top gunners is over, at least for this season. According to ESPN, NBA commissioner David Stern…


Washington Wizards’ Star Gilbert Arenas Being Investigated For Storing Gun In Locker

Washington Wizards star Gilbert Arenas is currently the subject of an NBA investigation over firearms he possibly stored in his locker in the past. According…

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Washington Wizards’ Caron Butler Gears Up For Third Caron Butler High School Classic in DC

For the third year in a row, Washington Wizards forward Caron Butler has partnered with Baltimore-based, independent urban clothing chain, DTLR, for his annual Caron…