Dylann Roof’s Sister Arrested For Bringing Drugs, Weapons To School

The Charleston shooter's sister is not allowed to return to her high school.


5 People Shot By Accident at Gun Shows in One Day

As America continues to debate stricter guns laws following the devastating Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting last December, Saturday wasn't exactly a victory for pro-gun…

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No Cutting Allowed! Man Pulls Gun on Rowdy Black Friday Shopper

Hope you brought your own protection! This year's Black Friday looks to be pretty vicious! Details after the break.


VIDEO: Rihanna Fires Machine Guns at Las Vegas Shooting Range

Rihanna's affinity with guns is old news. A black firearm is inked across her right side, and she played a weapons specialist in the summer…


B.G.’s Music Used Against Him in 14-Year Prison Sentence

According to the New Orleans Times, former Cash Money rapper B.G. was sentenced to 14-years in prison for weapons possession and witness tampering.