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Cop Re-Hired After Cutting Out A Detainee’s Weave

In today’s strange news, Michigan police officer Bernadette Najor has been re-hired after having been fired for cutting the hair weave off of a detained…


Kylie Jenner Set To Launch Kylie Hair Kouture

With the new found success her older sister Kendall has found in the modeling world, it's time for Kylie Jenner to tap into…


9 Hats to Remedy Your Bad Hair Days

Try as you might, some days your hair just will not cooperate with you. You straighten it on maximum heat and it keeps its…


Should Beyonce Start Her Own Hair Line of Weaves and Wigs?

When it comes to slaying the stage, King Bey is everything! But remember that flop of a clothing line, House of Deréon that her and her…


11 Ways to Properly Take Care of Your Weave (And Your Own Hair Underneath)

Weaves are wonderful don’t get me wrong, but proper hair care is even better. As women, we pride ourselves on our appearance…


Unbeweaveable: Weave Vending Machine

  Instant access to fake follicles is no longer a fantasy, Vixens. Virginia-based Industrialist Marcella Ellis is no stranger…


Woman Grows Mold in Weave After 6 Months

Hairstylist Robin (@prettyma216) recently shared a photo of a sew-in weave that grew mold after being installed for six months. When posting her…


Celebrity Hair Guru, Terrence Davidson Launches New Hairline

If you ever wondered who was behind the iconic looks of Nicki Minaj, it is no other than the wig master Terrence Davidson.


Select Strands Offers Weave Tips for The Transitioning Woman

When transitioning from relaxed to natural hair, not everyone is comfortable committing to the Big Chop. Some women don’t want to dramatically sacrifice…


Get the Look: Kelly Rowland’s ‘Rip The Runway’ Hair in 5 Steps [Video]

There’s no denying that Kelly Rowland did her thing at this year’s Rip The Runway. Not only was she gorgeously charming, but her…


5 Must-Try Spring Haircuts

With the new season comes a fresh cutting-edge hairstyle. Though it's always fun to be up for a change, it is also difficult to let…


Guest Editor Trina Braxton: To Weave or Not To Weave, That Is the Question

Oh what a tangled weave, that weave, you’re trying to practice to deceive." You ever wonder why wearing hair extensions got a bad rep? It’s…


Signs You Are A Weavoholic

This is for all of my weave-wearers, the ladies who live for and can’t live without their extensions and weaves. While weaves can be a…


Angela Simmons Reveals (More) Details on BIKINI

Most people know that I’m not a weave person. And until last year, when I met the lovely team at Indiqué Hair, my…


Do You Think It’s a Weave?

I was shopping with a friend of mine the other day and we spotted this black girl with hair all the way down her back.
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