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Oprah Gets High, According To Gayle King

Lady O is 420-friendly.


Snoop Dogg Says Willie Nelson Is The Only Person That Out-Smoked Him

Snoop Dogg's THC testimony coincides with his new gospel album, "Snoop Dogg Presents: Bible of Love."


DJ Khaled’s Fiancee’s Brother Killed In Bronx Drug Deal

Our condolences go out to the family.


San Francisco To Throw Out Thousands Of Marijuana Convictions Going Back To 1975

The District Attorney's office will toss out nearly 5,000 convictions, citing racial bias and legalization laws.


Snoop Dogg Teams Up With Jack In The Box To Satisfy America’s Munchies

Snoop and the fast food chain have something for your late night cravings


Florida Couple Finds 65 Pounds Of Weed In Their Amazon Order

Well, this was an unexpected surprise.


Cardi B Claims She Was Falsely Accused Of Smoking Weed, Gets Kicked Out Of Hotel Room

The Bronx native called the unidentified officers and hotel staff racist and said their actions were prejudice-based.


Oakland Gives Weed Convicts Opportunity To Open Marijuana Businesses As Reparations

The city council will reportedly issue 50 percent of its marijuana licenses to felons who were imprisoned in the last 10 years.


Former NBA Star Stephen Jackson Admitted To Smoking Weed Before Games

"Me personally, I’ve done a lot of shit before games," said Captain Jack.


Ask Peta: D.R.A.M. Will Do Anything For His Broccoli

D.R.A.M. loves his weed and his broccoli, bruh.


Roll One Up: California & Two Other States Approve Use Of Recreational Marijuana

Voters in California, Massachusetts, and Nevada say yes to recreational smoking.


Macklemore Tackles America’s Prescription Pill And Heroin Crisis On “Drug Dealer”

Macklemore is one of the only rappers speaking out about America's epidemic.
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