White Privilege


‘Affluenza’ Teen Ethan Couch To Be Released From Jail In April

A friend of a victim killed by Couch says he thinks the teen has "transformed." 


Eminem Spits About Privilege And Profiling In Latest Song “Untouchable”

"So this whole nation feels like a plantation field/ In a country that claims that it's foundation was based on based on United States ideals..."


Issa Rae Once Again Teaches Us An Important Lesson On White Privilege

Issa is back at it again with all her great #BlackGirlMagic 


L’Oreal Fires Black Trans Model For Putting Systematic Racism On Blast

Munroe Bergdorf is calling for a boycott of the makeup brand.


‘White Girl’ Evokes NYC Nostalgia While Tackling Privilege And Power Dynamics

"My goal isn’t to shock, it’s to be real and authentic. Which can sometimes be shocking.”


Tom Hanks’ Son Refuses To Stop Saying The N-Word

Apparently, Chet Haze thinks it's ok for white peoople to say the N-word... because "it's 2015."