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Tamar Braxton Speaks On Keeping Up Physical Appearances To Please Partner

“Vince liked blond-head, light, faired women and I just wasn't born with no blond hair.”


Nicki Minaj Being Sued by Wig Stylist for $30 Million

Never mess with a man and his wigs. Terrence Davidson, Nicki Minaj's ex-stylist, recently slapped her with a $30 million lawsuit claiming that…


Wigging Out: Tamar Braxton Slams K. Michelle, Claims She Stole Her Style

Tweet wars have been brewing between "Love and War" singer Tamar Braxton and singer K. Michelle after Tamar tweeted about her wig being jacked.


8 Terrible Celebrity Wig Moments

Wigs, lacefronts and weaves can either be a girl’s best friend or her very worst enemy. Finding one that shapes your face is…


Nicki Minaj Wears Several Wigs On the Set of ‘The Other Woman’

Nicki Minaj may have kept it low-key while on the set of The Other Woman, currently filming in New York City, but her…


Leave Lace Front Wigs Alone!

Recently I attended a ritzy awards show for a women’s organization. I was speaking to a friend about something or another when she…


Lace Wigs 101

Lace wigs have gotten a bad rap lately. There are groups dedicated to protesting lace wigs on Facebook, and if you google "bad lace wig",…


Celebrity Endorsed Wig Lines vs. Owners: Which Would You Buy?

If it’s one thing a Black woman doesn’t play about, it’s her hair. It’s no huge secret that we have become the go-to in all…


Death to Lace Fronts!

The lace wig is here and it’s here to stay. Celebrities and the elite have known about the lace wig method for years. Now, anybody…