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Wilmer Valderrama Is Joining ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ This Spring

Wilmer Valderrama is checking into the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

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New York Comic Con 2015: ‘Minority Report’ Unveils New Present From The Past

Meagan Good, Wilmer Valderrama and Co. show out for Comic Con


Actress Reveals All The Hollywood Men She’s Had Sex With…And Its Over 30

It's safe to say Hollywood is where the thots reside. Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan  reportedly revealed all the Hollywood stars she's had sex…


Q&A: LMFAO’s Sky Blu Flies Solo, Keeps Wilmer Valderrama, Plans To Increase ‘Party Boy’ Reputiation

Sky Blu of Grammy nominated party-boy duo LMFAO has been busy in the studio twerking on a solo album. His his new Latin-meets-EDM single "Salud",…

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Is Wilmer Valderrama Down For A “70s Show” Comeback?

With old school sitcom series crawling out of the vault and returning to the small screen (see "Boy Meets World"), there could be hope for…


Rick Ross, Gabby Union, Dwyane Wade, David Guetta and More Party With Hennessy V.S in South Beach

Bottles popped off in Miami as stars like rapper Rick Ross, actress Gabrielle Union and her long-time boyfriend, Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade and DJ…