El Santo: Legendary Mexican Luchador Earns Brilliant Google Doodle

Today marks what would have been his 99th birthday.


WWE Knocks Out Contract With Hulk Hogan After N-Word Rant Leaks

Hulk Hogan’s use of racial slurs sent him into the ring with WWE.


Ric Flair Arrest Order Issued By Judge

Looks like Ric Flair is gonna need more than a Figure Four to break out of this one. An arrest order has been issued for…


Watch: Machine Gun Kelly Covers Limp Bizkit

Bad Boy's own Machine Gun Kelly goes the alternative route and revives the Limp Bizkit cut "Rollin'" in a mosh pit-appropriate cover. Any…


WWE Lawsuit Settled Over Wrestler’s Death

The Owen Hart - WWE lawsuit was settled Wednesday, the wrestling corporation announced in a statement with Hart's widow Martha. Hart died…


Pro Wrestling Manager Paul Bearer Dies

The wrestling world has lost a prominent figure. William Moody, better known as the theatrical WWE character Paul Bearer, has died at age 58, the…


Adrien Broner Talks Fighting Antonio DeMarco, His Nickname and Boxing Advice

The next Floyd Mayweather Jr.? Maybe. His own man? Definitely. Adrien Broner is a name in boxing that you should know about if you don’t.


Timbaland To Host Episode of WWE’s Monday Night Raw

The WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) announced this week that producer Timbaland is set to host 2009's final episode of Monday Night Raw.