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Review: Chris Brown Plays Druggie, Victim, Playboy And Sex God On ‘X Files’ EP

It’s November, and for the Chris Brown brigade, the thirst for new music is definitely real. While Brown’s sixth studio album X has been postponed…


New Mixtape: Chris Brown ‘X Files’

Chris Brown is keeping his promise this time around. Unfortunately, his forthcoming X album has been taking the backseat to a lot of other things…


Chris Brown To Release 5 Songs On ‘X Files’ Mixtape

Chris Brown's bad boy record has been headlining more than his music as of late, but the 24-year-old music man is bringing back some high…

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David Duchovny Wants To Do A Third “X-Files” Film

Actor David Duchovny from Showtime's Californication, it getting the itch to return back to his sci-fi roots, and expressed such sentiments to Collider.com in an…