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Rihanna & BFF Melissa Forde Show Off Their Best Krump Moves To Ying Yang Twins’ “Salt Shaker”

Every summer, Rihanna's Instagram account is laced with envious bikini pictures and lavish destinations. Along her chill vacation, she's down to let her hair loose…


Throwback Jams: Dirty South Dance

A #TBT playlist of dirty South jams


8 Days Until Christmas: 10 Classic Christmas Rap Songs

Not All holiday songs are high notes and soulful hymns, some of them are filled with lyrical wordplay and explicit rhymes. Yep we're…


New Mixtape: Ying Yang Twins ‘Twurk Or Die’

The Ying Yang Twins are back with their second mixtape in three months, Twurk Or Die. Ying Yang Twins Talk Miley Cyrus And Other Artists…


Ying Yang Twins ‘Twurk Or Die’ Mixtape Trailer

When Diddy said 'Vote or Die,' he wanted people to know that voting was an essential and inalienable right. When the Ying Yang Twinz say…


Ying Yang Twins Talk Miley Cyrus And Other Artists Jocking Their Style

D-Roc and Kaine, the puzzle pieces to rap duo the Ying Yang Twins, sat down with VIBE to talk new music and to…


Watch: Ying Yang Twins Dedicate Twerk Anthem To Miley Cyrus

Seems like onesies are in style this season.


Ying Yang Twins Tribute a Song to Miley Cyrus’ Twerking Antics

Now Miley Cyrus can twerk to her own song. In honor of her obsession with twerking and the hip-hop community, the…


Listen: Ying Yang Twins Release A Twerking Tribute To Miley Cyrus

What’s a twerk track without Miley Cyrus? The Ying Yang Twins have released a new beat to booty bounce to, as inspired by the "We…


The Worst Hooks in Hip Hop History

Behold the almighty hook. It is what snags the average listener’s attention, reels them closer to an artist, and keeps them attached to the music’s…


Jermaine Dupri Drops Big Bumpin ‘Fist Pump’-in’ Track

Notorious hip-hip producer Jermaine Dupri really REALLY wants to dance.


True Studio Stories: Mr. Collipark Recalls Working With Ying Yang Twins, Young Jeezy, David Banner, Soulja Boy And More

He’s best known for rocking the party – no matter what era you speak of. He owned the 90s Atlanta scene under the moniker DJ…