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10 Slang Words That Shouldn’t Be In The Oxford Dictionary

Earlier this week, the company that publishes the Oxford Dictionary revealed that the following words will be added this year: "binge-watch," "side-eye," and—gulp—"amazeballs." But the…


Two Women Twerk On NYC Subway Tracks …Just Because

Seriously guys, this twerking thing is getting out of hand. This week, two ladies decided to say "To hell with my safety!" and…


New Music: MIA – ‘YALA’

What Drake is to YOLO, M.I.A. is to YALA. After a badly publicized run behind her third self-titled LP Maya, the Sri Lankan rapper is…


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Drake’s induction of new phrases into hip-hop vernacular now serve as foundation of a motivational graduation speech. Jason Pollock, creator of Undroppable, a…


University Application Asks Prospective Students What YOLO Means To Them

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Drake Calls Out Macy’s and Walgreens for Sellng YOLO Products

There's a certain "motto" that Drake lives by, and after sharing it with the world, "Y.O.L.O," has infiltrated pop culture for good.


Drake Celebrates His 26th Birthday in Washington, D.C.

You only live once. Drake doesn't turn 26 until Oct. 24, but that didn't stop the YMCMB rapper from celebrating early, and Drizzy has a…


Aspiring Rapper Tweets YOLO, Then Dies In Drunk Driving Car Accident

It's something out of a PSA for drunk driving, or a scene out of the Final Destination films. Above all, it's a tragedy that could…