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Zoe Saldana Bares Legs At ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ London Premiere

May 2 2013: Zoe Saldana exits London's Corinthia Hotel in a black-and-white mullet gown on her way to the Star Trek Into Darkness premiere. The…

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Watch: New Action Packed ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Trailer

We're only a few months away from J.J. Abrams' next Star Trek release! A must-see after the break!

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TRAILER: “Star Trek Into Darkness” Promises Vengeance Will Be Fulfilled

Following the new poster for "Star Trek Into Darkness" is an announcement trailer that looks and sounds more like a declaration of war. See for…

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“Star Trek Into Darkness” Teaser Poster Promises Huge Action!

J.J. Abrams is reluctant to give us the full warp drive when it comes to his latest project. But this latest morsel should go over…

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Paramount To Show Nine Minutes Of “Star Trek 2″ Before “The Hobbit”

Tolkiens have a reason to sit side by side Trekkies come the holiday season. Details after the jump.

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Star Trek Sequel Heads “Into Darkness”

The title for director J.J. Abrams' Star Trek 2 has reportedly been revealed.

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‘Star Trek’s’ Zachary Quinto Admits He Is Gay

Zachary Quinto, best known for starring on the TV series Heroes and as Spock in the most recent Star Trek movie, has come out of…