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The Walking Dead Take Over Mexico City For A Good Cause

We have reached the Halloween season and this isn’t more evident than in the streets of Mexico City.

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Meagan Good To Star In NBC’s Zombie Drama ‘Babylon Fields’

The former Deception star is aiming to stick with NBC, as she has landed a leading role on the Peacock network's Babylon Fields pilot.


Man Who Fled Zombies Faces 5 Years In Prison

Authorities are still baffling at a Tennessee man who stole a big-rig truck and caused several accidents.

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The 10 Best Post-Apocalyptic Movies Of 2013

Science fiction has once again become the focal point of Hollywood. With the hype of films like M. Night Shymalan's After Earth, which stars Will…


Flatbush Zombies’ 5 Tips To Have The Best 4/20

If you are going to partake in today's 4/20 festivities, you might as well listen to some advice from D.R.U.G.S. experts like the Flatbush Zombies.

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Watch: The World Become Overrun With Zombies In New ‘World War Z’ Trailer

It seems like the end is nigh for us, but before we go to the other side, let's check out the new trailer for Marc…

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TV Station Hacker Warns of Zombies in Montana

While the zombie apocalypse has only happened on AMC, a few thousand people in Great Falls, Montana are hoping to be forgiven because they thought…

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WATCH: New ‘The Walking Dead’ Clip Asks “How Are You Feeling?”

After all of the suspense created by the Season 2 finale, the wait is finally coming to an end. This Sunday marks the return of…

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Does The ‘World War Z’ Super Bowl Spot Impress You?!

There is cause for plenty of concern involving Marc Forster's adaptation of the Max Brooks novel World War Z. Does the new Super Bowl TV…


NY Man Shoots Girlfriend After Arguing Over ‘The Walking Dead’

Couples argue over television shows all the time. However, it's never serious enough to pull out a gun on your mate over a disagreement about…

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TRAILER: “World War Z” With Brad Pitt Will Freak You Out!

Can Brad Pitt save the zombie film genre? His new trailer sure does look interesting to say the least. See it for yourself after the…

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Marines, Police Prep For Mock Zombie Invasion On Oct. 31

Just when you thought it was safe — the government adds another terrorist to the list!

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First Look At New “The Walking Dead” TV Spot

Expect to see more footage from The Walking Dead as we get closer to its premiere date. A very short, super quick TV spot was…

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SNEAK PEEK: Entertainment Weekly Shows New “The Walking Dead” Characters

This week's Entertainment Weekly is covered in zombies, well sort of...


Louisiana Man Bites off Part of Neighbor’s Face during Argument

A Louisiana man is under fire after attacking his neighbor over a domestic dispute in Lafayette Parish last weekend.