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V Exclusive! French Montana Reveals Unreleased Max B Collabo for Bad Boy Debut Album (PG.2)

Have you reached out to Nas about “Stay Schemin”? Do you think he has heard it?
Yeah, he heard it. I think he heard it. Everybody heard that record, man. I haven’t had a chance to holler at him, but I’m a big fan.
You recently tweeted a picture of you and Mase in the studio. How did that happen?
I got Mase back in the studio working on my album. I was going to see Puff in LA. He just called me out of nowhere. I’m like, ‘Who’s this?’ He said, ‘It’s Maasse.’ I’m like, ‘Man, where you at dog?’ And he like, ‘I’m coming to New York.’ And he came up into the studio.

Have you worked with any other Bad Boy artists recently?
Yeah, Red Café. MGK. We just did the remix to “Wild Boys.” We just did the remix to “Let It Go.”
Is that important to you, doing songs with rappers from different regions?
That’s something that hasn’t been done. I guarantee a lot of people are going to start doing it. When is the last time a New York rapper and a down south rapper collabo on a mixatpe? Everything I do is new.
How do you feel about the comparisons to Waka?
People are always going to say that. Because I did a mixtape with him, people are going to say that. I do a mixtape with Jeezy, people are going to be like, “Yo, French is the new Jeezy of the East Coast.” It’s just like the affiliation, people judge you off of that.