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V Exclusive! June Ambrose’s Best Spring Fashion Tips for Men (PG.2)

Q: Any particular style for pocket squares for spring that are a trend?
A: Just color. Pocket squares are timeless. They don’t ever go out of style. You don’t get trends with squares. But you will see a lot more pastels being introduced because there are lot more pastel suits for the spring.
Q: What’s the etiquette on tipping my tailor?
A: I always think it’s lovely. It’s just like going to a barber shop. This is someone who is contouring a piece
to your convenience. There’s no offense in tipping.
Q: What’s your big tip for seersuckers? Is there any wrong way to wear it?
A: I think it’s one of those very casual suits. You can wear it with your polo. You can wear it with a button-down shirt.
Q: I’ve seen dudes like Jay-Z and LeBron rocking skinny ties. How anoxeric should I go?
A: If you have broad shoulders, there’s a certain width with skinnies. You kind of have to balance how wide you go based on the width of your chest. So if a guy is extremely brawny up top, you want to avoid the extremely skinny retro ties. It ends up looking like a vaginal landing strip. [Laughs]. You should balance your width based on your chest size, but you know the retro tie is not for everyone. And it’s great with a notch lapel versus a peak lapel.
Q: Are there any fresh colored dress shoes that are off limits?
A: It’s really hard for men to pull off reds and yellows. I would avoid those for a dress shoe. White is so difficult.
Q: What’s your theory on going sock-less?
A: I love sock-less. Just padden the foot so you don’t get bruises. I think it’s very sexy, and again I think it’s a personal choice, more so then a trend. It looks great with jeans. I think it’s very sexy. It’s more casual laced up or loafer.
Q: I usually take a toothbrush to my kicks. Any tricks for scrubbing dress shoes?
A: With patent leather, I’ve used Windex. You don’t want to put Vaseline on your shoes–they ruin the leather. I know it’s an old school trick people do in the last minute when they’re in a rush to get a shine. But you’re better off using like a mink oil and avoid the vaseline. 
Q: What’s the hottest spring trend that I should definitely incorporate into my wardrobe?
A: I think you see a lot more bold colored shirts, because I think that they reinvent your existing suits, those classic suits you already have. Adding the Ginghams and checks and all of those fun colorful shirts, is going to reinvent your wardrobe for the spring.

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