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V Exclusive! Slim Talks His Hiatus From Music, New Album, and the Future of 112

Hardest lesson learned transitioning from a group member to a solo artist –
I think the harder lessons I learned were when I was in the group that prepared me for where I am now. I definitely know strength lies in unity and at the end of the day, you definitely have to have each other’s back. When I look at that situation, I look at it as I was blessed when I did the whole Love’s Crazy situation, I didn’t have any glitches. I put out a record and that first record exploded. And the people that I had around me, they were the same cats that I had with me from day one. And that’s one of the principles I would never shake. And people say that when they have certain success, you kinda start seeing people changed. They get to a certain level where they don’t want that same person. For me, if I’m successful, my crew is successful…It doesn’t feel like I’m solo ‘cause my crew and my staff are with me all the time. So even if you say solo and you face certain problems, there are certain times where you feel like you wanna give up, sometimes you feel overwhelmed, like I remember a situation where I had four shows in one day and I was so tired and then getting on the jet, trying to make it to that next spot, I remember my voice and everything was like all beat up and it was like, I remember my big brother and certain cats in the crew was like uplifting all the time.

The possibility for a 112 reunion – 
I say at this point, no, just because I can’t answer the question for anybody else. And I had heard that they already had a replacement for me. I kinda already accepted it or whatever. At the end of the day, they are my brothers and I love ‘em to death personally. I’ma always have love for ‘em. But I don’t think musically right now that would probably happen but do I think 112 influenced people? Oh yes, because I feel that we definitely put our footprint in the sand of musical history. We’re blessed to be four friends that had a dream together and came out of south Atlanta and when people told us we couldn’t do it , we took it a whole ‘nother level, moved to New York, sold 23 million records, got a Grammy, won every award in the Grammys. Man, I have no regrets, I take nothing back. I definitely think that when you hear a true R&B record with younger people, I do hear elements of 112 and it makes me feel really good like I made a difference. If 112 never makes another song ever again, I’m very happy with that.